BHM: Canada’s unions honour the past to help shape the future

This Black History Month, Canada’s unions are celebrating the history and legacy of Black community members who have stood for justice and made Canada a more equitable country. https://canadianlabour.ca/bhm-canadas-unions-honour-the-past-to-help-shape-the-future/?link_id=3&can_id=39b4839a6295f2461b93416b2a8c437d&source=email-3-ways-to-celebrate-black-trailblazers&email_referrer=email_2215182___subject_2741946&email_subject=3-ways-to-celebrate-black-trailblazers

Young Workers

OFL Presents Young Workers Toolkit The OFL has recently released a new digital resource for young workers entering unionized environments called the Young Workers Toolkit.  The goal of the guide is to nurture young workers who want to be active participants in their local, unit, affiliate, and/or regional labour councils, but are unsure of what concrete […]

Women’s Day Lunch

WRLC Presents the International Women’s Day Lunch 2024 Come for the lunch, stay for the fun!  The WRLC is excited to host this year’s IWD Lunch in support of the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region.  We are thrilled to be welcoming Dr Julie Mueller, Associate Dean, Graduate and Research, and Dr Eden Hennessey, […]

Federal Government Institutes Cap on International Students

In case you missed it the Liberal Federal Government has put into place a cap on the number of international student visas they will allow. They are also going to control what parts of the country visa students are allowed to study in. For more information go to: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/international-student-visas-1.7092512 Karen Littlewood , president of OSSTF/FEESO […]