Did You Know…. Extreme Weather Policies

Sextreme snow weatherhould the President declare the University closed due to environmental conditions, Members will receive their regular salary and benefits during the closure and Members are not expected to work from home during such closures.

Should the University remain open on days where there is significant weather imminent or occurring, the University assumes that Members will make every effort to get to work on time during inclement weather and make arrangements that will enable them to arrive as soon as possible and to notify their immediate supervisor of possible delays or absence. University Policy 7.6 outlines the jurisdiction and scope of this policy which applies to all employees of the University, with the exception of those who provide essential services. The decision to close because of severe weather is decided when normal operation would pose a significant danger to faculty, staff, and students while on campus or would prevent many from safely coming to the campuses or returning to their residences in the imminent and surrounding areas. The University reminds us that we are responsible for determining when weather conditions make travel unsafe and that public transportation may be the safest option.

Members are reminded that a leave with full compensation and benefits of up to one (1) day per fiscal year may be granted to a Member who is absent from work as a result of extreme weather conditions when the University is open. These absences are not recorded in LORIS, but tracked at the department level by the employee’s manager. The University may allow Members to use a Personal Day for such instances if a Member has already used that one day.

Please review Article 25.10 and 25.13.1 for related provisions.

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