WLUSA 101 : Understanding Personal Leave

Personal Leave

Article 25.12 of the Collective Agreement provides a benefit to Members in the form of Personal Leave. Members are granted 3 days per fiscal year (May 1 – Apr 30) to accommodate absences that would not fit under other leaves like Sick Leave or Vacations.

The Article lists some examples, such as writing an exam, moving to a new location, and having an appointment with a lawyer. These are just a few of the many, many examples that would fit under Personal Leave.

Some managers think that the items in the list are the ONLY valid items. The language clearly says that reasons for taking personal leave are “not limited to” the examples provided.

What do I need to tell my manager?

The reason why it’s called Personal Leave is because, well… it’s personal!

As such, you are not required to tell your manager why you need it. What you need to indicate to your manager is that the reason for the Leave is in compliance with the Personal Leave language in Article 25.12. They may ask you if the reason is one of the examples in the list, and you are welcome to say yes or no, but you are not required to provide the reason.

What if my manager denies my Leave?

Your manager can only base their decision to approve the leave on whether it can be accommodated. They cannot base it on the reason for the leave.

You are encouraged to contact WLUSA if you have been denied a Personal Leave because of the reason or because your manager said the leave could not be accommodated (ie. Finding coverage).

Can I tell my manager the reason for requesting a Personal Leave?

Absolutely. If you feel comfortable sharing that information with your manager, then do so. The union just urges caution as there have been instances where managers have denied the Leave simply because they don’t believe the reason provided is valid.

I have more questions

Of course! Reach out your local union steward or contact the WLUSA office any time and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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