Meet the members – 5 questions with Tracy Cochrane

Welcome back to “Meet the members”. With around 600 union members it’s a safe bet to say that we sure don’t all know one another, and each member certainly doesn’t know what all of the members of WLUSA do here at Laurier. This feature aims to alleviate that. It aims to shine the spotlight on one of our wonderful members to give everyone a chance to get to know them and to give them a chance to talk about the role that they play in the university. Let’s meet the next “Meet the members” interviewee, Tracy Cochrane of the  Admissions office where she is an Admissions Coordinator:

Tracey Cochrane

So what exactly does the role of Admissions Coordinator entail?

I am one member of a seven-person team. Together we manually assess each individual 105 application for admission. A 105 is the code for an application from non-Ontario high school, domestic or international students, for admission to an undergraduate program. This involves assessing transcripts and English language tests, and other supporting documents to ensure we are getting the best candidates for all of our undergraduate programs.

And what’s one thing you really want everyone at Laurier to know about what you do in your job?

As stated, this is a very manual process, which involves going into almost 4000 individual application packages, sometimes more than once. We work very closely with staff and faculty across campus daily in an ever-changing environment of policies and procedures. Some internal and some mandated onto us by the government.

I know you have been at Laurier for quite a number of years now, have you moved around within Laurier?

I have been at Laurier now for 18 years. I started in the then called Distance Education Office recording Review Sessions for our distance students, I then moved to the Business Office. I have been in Admissions now for 12 years and various roles.

So, in all of that time, what’s been your favourite thing about working at Laurier?

My favourite thing about working at Laurier is the opportunity to move into other roles either on contract or permanent. This allows for varied experience and understanding of how other departments function.

And are you active in the Laurier Community outside of your role, if so how?

In June 2017 I graduated from Laurier with my Honours BA in Geography, upgrading the General BES that I received from that school up the street. So now I am also an alum of Laurier and recently attended one of their events and had a great time. I am also involved actively with WLUSA, I’m currently on the Joint Job Evaluation Committee and have served as a Council representative in the past.

Tracey at a Laurier event

If you were left to your own devices for 24 hours, what would you spend that time doing?

I would sleep in first. Then take my time getting up and getting ready to go and see a couple of movies (VIP all the way) and then hang out at Starbucks at Chapters.  I would then go home curl up on the sofa and watch a couple hours of footy (soccer to the rest of you).

And just for fun, what’s the coolest thing you’ve got in your workspace (and what makes it cool to you)?

I actually have two cool things. A TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) which is a Doctor Who thing. I am a self-confessed geek, nerd, whatever you want to call it. I also have a replica Champions League Football, I bought in Amsterdam last year.

One last question then, what’s been your most interesting experience at Laurier so far? Why did you find it interesting?

I would have to say my department’s recent move onto the main part of campus. I have almost always worked out of 202 Regina St. This last fall we moved into the newly renovated Schlegel Building. It has been a great experience being among the students as they go from class to class every day, not to mention being so close to the Starbucks.

I want to thank Tracy for being willing to be profiled and teaching us about Admissions. Please let us know if you have any feedback about this feature, or if you have a particular member that you would like to see profiled!


Lauren has been with Laurier as an employee since August 2014 working at the Library where she is the Copyright and Reserves Supervisor and a member of the Library’s Accessibility Committee and Library Student Advisory Council. Lauren joined CPAC to learn more about WLUSA’s work and services by helping to teach other WLUSA members about them. When she isn’t working her favourite things to do include reading, volunteering (She currently volunteers for The Harry Potter Alliance as their Library Advocacy Researcher), playing video games, and attempting to keep up with her blog.

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