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List of local candidates running in provincial election

Election campaign officially got underway on May 4.

The provincial election is set for Thursday, June 2.

Elections Ontario is encouraging voters to confirm, update or add their information to the voters list at eregistration.elections.on.ca. Voter information cards will start to be mailed out on May 13.

Voters can cast their ballot by mail, at a returning office, and on election day. You can also vote at any advance voting location in your electoral district during 10 days of advance voting.

Below is the list of candidates who will be running in Waterloo Region’s five ridings:


GREEN: Wayne Mak — website

LIBERAL: Kelly Steiss — website

NEW BLUE: Peter Beimers — website

NDP: Laura Mae Lindo (incumbent) — website

PC: Jim Schmidt — website


GREEN: Nasir Abdulle — website

LIBERAL: Melanie Van Alphen — website

NEW BLUE: Jim Karahalios — website

NDP: Karen Meissner — website

PC: Mike Harris (incumbent) — campaign website not available yet


GREEN: David Weber — website

LIBERAL: Ismail Mohamed — website

NEW BLUE: John Teat — website

NDP: Joanne Weston — website

PC: Jess Dixon — website

There is no incumbent as Amy Fee (PC) decided not to run for re-election.


GREEN: Shefaza Esmail — website

LIBERAL: Jennifer Tuck — website

NEW BLUE: Volodymyr Voznyuk — website

NDP: Catherine Fife (incumbent) — website

PC: Andrew Aitken — website


GREEN: Carla Johnson — website

LIBERAL: Surekha Shenoy — website

NEW BLUE: Belinda Karahalios (incumbent) — website

NDP: Marjorie Knight — website

PC: Brian Riddell — website

***Note: Elections Ontario will make a full list of candidates available after May 12***