WLU Staff Changes


We would like to welcome the newest members to the WLUSA family. If you see them around, pop by and say hello!

Nelly Aisenshtat Systems Analyst I, ICT

Jenna Brown Coordinator, Communications and Student Engagement (Athletics) Athletics & Recreation

Lanny Cox Serevice Desk Analyst, ICT

Gregory Cudmore Security Analyst, ICT

Seana Curley Content Marketing Specialist, Recruitment & Admissions

Alayna Frey Communications Coordinator, Graduate Studies

Kristin Greczko Disability Consultant, Accessible Learning

Breanna Kersey MSWE Field Education Assistant, Faculty of Social Work

Katrina Kostecki Residence Life Coordinator, Residential Services

Alexandria Malcolm Experience Record and Career Resource Specialist, Career Centre

Lauren McDonald Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Student Wellness Centre

Antonio Marciano Business Process Specialist, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

Olivia Montgomery Coordinator, Cooperative Education (Science), Cooperative Education

Jae Wan Park Systems Administrator, ICT

Jessie Penner Indigenous Events Support Coordinator, Indigenous Student Services

Kirkwood Rietveld Techshop Computer Technician/Sales Associate, Bookstore

Megan Svarich-Knights Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Student Wellness Centre


We would like to wish these current WLUSA members all the best in their new positions!

Emily Carruthers
Coordinator, Experiential Placements, Faculty of Music

Allison Dietz, Coordinator, Student Care (Dean of Students), Dean of Students

Brandon Falcon Academic Advisor, Faculty of Arts

Shanna Howse Data & Records Management Coordinator, FGPS

Rebecca Kappes, Jumpstart to Higher Education Program Facilitator, Teaching, Learning & Retention

Amanda Kristensen Graduate Admissions & Records Officer, FGPS

Sharon Lalor Welcome Centre & Events Coordinator, Enrolment Services

Mary Mason, Administrative Assistant (Professional Development), Teaching & Learning

Rosemary Springett Research Finance Accountant, Research Finance

Valerie Stuart Evaluation Technologist, Teaching & Learning











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