WLU Staff Changes


 We would like to welcome the newest members to the WLUSA family! If you see them around, pop by and say hello!

Marjorie Bellingham
JumpStart to Higher Ed Coordinator, Teaching & Learning, DAWB

Catharine Bonas-Taylor
Production Coordinator, WLU Press, Library

Holly Brunton
Shipper/Receiver, Order Fulfillment, Bookstore, Fred Nichols Campus Centre

Aaron MacDonald
Systems Analyst, Web & SharePoint, ICT, 202 Regina Street

Carley McGlynn
Marketing & Communications Officer, CPAM, 255 King Street

Jennifer Redler
User Services Associate, Library

We would like to wish these current WLUSA members all the best in their new opportunity!

Corri Arnold
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, DAWB

Karen Cleaver
Administrative Assistant, Geography & Environmental Studies, Arts Building

Indera Singh
SBE Intermediate Administrative Assistant, Lazardis School, Lazaridis Hall

Cecilia Best
Program Assistant, Office of Indigenous Initiatives, Albert Street

Brandon Falcao
Intermediate Administrative Assistant, Residence, 192 King Street

Elbethel Mulugeta
Residence Admissions Coordinator, Residence, 192 King Street

Joel Robinson
Educational Technologies Administrator, Teaching & Learning, 202 Regina Street

Anita Velanoff
Academic Program Administrator, Enrolment Services, Schlegal Building


Page last edited on February 21, 2018

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