University Employment Equity Advisory Committee (UEEAC)


WLUSAUniversity Employment Equity Advisory Committee

Membership Representation:

Chair – DEO Employment Equity Office (Lynn Kane/Dana Lavoie)
Two WLUSA Members:  Crystal Shadwell and Michelle Alexander
One – CUPE appointed member
One – UFCW appointed member
One – Management appointment
One – Administration appointment
Two – Members at Large


As per Article 18 of the WLUSA Collective Agreement:


The University agrees to remain committed to providing a workplace environment that is free of discrimination as stated in Article 6 (No Discrimination), and to provide equity in employment for women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, persons in a visible minority and persons in a sexual and/or gender minority in Canada, hereinafter referred to as “the designated groups”.

The University agrees to continue to staff the position of Employment Equity & AODA Officer, reporting to the President or designate, to assist the University in fulfilling its commitment as stated in this Article.

The Association will have the right to appoint two (2) representatives to the University’s Employment Equity Advisory Committee.  The Parties agree to work together, through the Committee to:

  • advise the President and the Association concerning the realization of the University’s commitment to non-discrimination and equity in employment of members of the designated groups;
  • identify any artificial or systemic barriers in recruitment, employment, and promotion policies and procedures that discriminate against members of the designated groups;
  • identify and recommend measures to increase the representation of members of the designated groups where such are found to be under-represented;
  • receive and review reports on matters pertaining to equity issues at the University and the reports of the Employment Equity & AODA Officer;
  • review on an on-going basis employment equity plans at other universities in Canada;
  • provide copies of all Committee reports and recommendations to the Association.

The Association appointees will be provided with the following:

  • time off with no loss of compensation and benefits to attend all meetings of the Committee, sub-committees, or working groups formed by the Committee; if additional time is warranted and recommended by the Employment Equity & AODA Officer, it will be granted subject to the approval of the Assistant Vice-President: Human Resources.
  • support of the Employment Equity & AODA Officer in the discharge of their responsibility.

Annually, the University will provide the Association with the employment equity report as approved by the Board of Governors.  It is understood that this report will include the composition of designated groups within the Association.

For more information review links: Diversity & Equity Office and Employment Equity

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