Professional Development Fund- FAQ


Q: How much funding is available?
A: The University has dedicated $35,000 per union fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for professional development opportunities. To allow for as many opportunities as possible, there is a $500 maximum per Member in each fiscal year.

Q: Can I apply multiple times in one year?
A: Yes! However, the maximum of $500 per Member applies. For example, if you have one opportunity approved for $250, you may apply for additional opportunities until the $500 maximum is reached.

Q: What if there is funding leftover at the end of the year?
A: On or around June 1st, the Committee will meet to determine if any leftover money could be applied to existing approved applications to further supplement costs.

Q: Does leftover funding carry over in to the next year?
A: No, leftover funding will not carry over into the next year. However, for 2017-18 year, because the program was launched late in the year, the funds will carry over into the 2018-19 year. However, if there are funds remaining after the 2018-19 year, they will not carry over.

Q: What if the course/opportunity that I want to take falls during my working hours?
A: If the opportunity is directly related to your current position, you will be released from it to participate in the opportunity without loss of compensation or benefits. If the opportunity is not directly related to your current position, you will be expected to make up for the time lost using a flexible working arrangement, or using banked overtime or vacation. You must have your manager’s permission to do this prior to applying for the opportunity.

Q: What if the course/opportunity that I want to take falls outside of my working hours?
A: These opportunities are meant to be optional. As such, you will not be compensated for additional hours to attend them. If this course/opportunity is a requirement of your position, then Article in the Collective Agreement shall apply.

Q: Can I use this fund to pay for an undergraduate or graduate course at Laurier?
A: No. Benefits for taking courses at Laurier are outlined in Article 22.2. You may not use this fund to pay for tuition or fees.

Q: Can I use this fund to pay for an internal training course put on by ICT or Human Resources, for example?
A: No. Internal training opportunities at Laurier should be fully funded by your department. If you are denied access to an internal training opportunity at Laurier, please contact the WLUSA Office.

Q: Can I use this fund to pay for a Membership to a website that provides resources that would help me?
A: Due to the limited funds, the Committee will not be approving applications for memberships at this time. The fees, along with their annual renewal costs, would deteriorate the power of the PD Fund. Subsequently, while memberships do provide access to resources, it does not guarantee that those resources will be utilized. When possible, it is recommended that departments cover the cost of a membership, and distribute the login information to those employees that can benefit from the resources.

Q: I am interested in taking a course that is not really related to my job at Laurier. Can I use this fund to pay for that?
A: The course must be related to your position or another position at Laurier. If it is not related to a position here at Laurier and is more for your personal development, your application for funding will be denied.

Any more questions? Please contact the WLUSA Office.


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