Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)


Jane Davidson, Faculty of Science, Chemistry (October 2014)
Jane Fridrich, Accessible Learning (October 2014)
Suzanne Gall, Development & Alumni Relations (October 2014)
Tracy Cochrane, Recruitment and Admissions (March 2015)
Andrei Kovacsik, ICT Enterprise Applications (January 2016)
Rosemary Springett, Research Finance (March 2016)
Hillary Beaudry, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics (October 2017)
Diane Litt, OneCard Office (October 2017)
Roberta Ellington, FSW Library (October 2019)
Heather Gaffney, Teaching and Learning (October 2019)


JJEC is comprised of ten (10) WLUSA representatives selected by the WLUSA Executive Board to represent the diversity of Members, their departments and work performed.


To evaluate jobs in a fair and consistent manner using the Joint Job Evluation System, providing a systematic, gender-neutral means to determine the relative relationship among jobs in the WLUSA bargaining unit.

Joint Job Evaluation and Pay Equity Steering Committee (JJEPEC)

Sherry Palmer (co-chair)
Kelly Brown

JJEPEC is comprised of six (6) members:  3 management and 3 WLUSA (one of which will be selected as co-chair);  WLUSA positions are appointed by the WLUSA President.


To oversee the effective maintenance of the WLUSA Job Evaluation and Pay Equity system ensuring the process is administered in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with the WLUSA/WLU Job Evaluation Plan and Pay Equity Act.  The JJEPEC evaluates all Requests for Reconsideration and provides evaluation decisions where consensus cannot be reached by the JJEC.  The co-chairs of the JJEPEC (or designates) evaluate and assign interim grades to all new jobs.

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