President’s Report: Fall 2019

Welcome to the Fall 2019 edition of the WLUSA Newsletter! With September being a very busy month for many Members, I want to remind you of the continued importance to utilize your breaks and your lunch as the increased workload and stressors can impact your health, both physically and mentally.

I am excited to announce that the University and WLUSA are prepared to launch the newly revised Job Evaluation System. The first step is to provide education sessions to all Members so that they understand the complete process. Sessions have been scheduled in October, with most of them occurring during the Fall Reading Week period. WLUSA Members must vote to approve the system before the process can begin. Please sign up for a session.

I can say with certainty that it is very difficult being a public sector university worker today. The combination of cuts in funding to post-secondary education and to secondary education, along with the elimination of OSAP grants and the reduction in OSAP loans, has created a perfect storm of reduced revenue for the University. Secondary school student graduation rates are expected to drop while those who do graduate may be forced to take a year off (or more) to save money for tuition.

As your President, I will remain vigilant in defending the rights of all Members and will continue to advocate for increased staff supports for students.

There is a federal election coming up this month. While the Federal Government has less of a direct impact on Ontario’s education system, there are many indirect impacts including the funding of campus buildings, climate change and sustainability, workers’ rights, and more. I strongly encourage you become educated on the platforms of all of the Parties so that you can make an informed vote based on issues that are important to you and your family.

On the up side, our new Member Engagement Committee, along with our amazing Social Committee, are planning events for the upcoming academic year to keep you both informed on ongoing issues and to ensure that you have a little bit of fun from time to time.

In solidarity,


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