WLUSA PD Fund: A Member’s Experience

On Tuesday May 28th, I had the privilege of attending the Project World/Business Analyst World Symposium Day. Michele Romanow, from Dragon’s Den, was the opening keynote and delivered an insightful presentation with a key takeaway being how innovation is achieved through a series of iterations (and failures), not with one brilliant idea as many believe, citing examples of how Uber and AirBnB came to be.

Michele Romanow’s Keynote: Getting to Success.

Following, there were interactive sessions led by industry experts and innovators. The sessions I attended covered topics such as posing questions to elicit good answers, strategies for thinking like your customer, and using the Agile project management philosophy. One of my favourite sessions was “Leading from the Middle” which highlighted the importance of being politically aware in the workplace, and the sources of power employees without authority have in utilizing their access to networks and information as well as how managing meaning can greatly increase the effectiveness of communications.

Symposium Session: Think Like Your Customer? It’s Crazy Enough to Work!

Were it not for the WLUSA PD fund, I would not have had the opportunity to attend this conference. I strongly encourage every member who is interested in enhancing their skills and career development to seek out fulfilling opportunities to do so. The benefits of engaging in professional development can be further spread to your teammates when you share what you learned, and in this way, we can all support a Laurier as a transformational learning organization. More information about the WLUSA PD Fund can be found here. Pro-tip: make sure you apply for funding well in advance of the event/course so you hear back in time for early bird discounts!

By: Filip Adamski, Business Process Analyst

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