Waterloo Regional Labour Council Update: Municipal Election Candidate Endorsement

Historically WLUSA hasn’t been a member of the Waterloo Regional Labour Council for all that long. We’ve probably been dues paying members for maybe six or seven years.  This is definitely only the second time that a municipal election has come around while we’ve been members, and they only happen every four years.  Municipal elections don’t get the attention they deserve, which is unfortunate, since municipal decisions have the greatest impact on our daily lives.  From schools to drinking water to roads, our municipal and regional governments make important decisions.  So as union members it’s critical that you make the important decision to vote on Monday, October 22nd.  And if you’re not sure about the candidates and where they stand on the issues, the Waterloo Regional Labour Council can take some of the guesswork out of your decisions.  Every municipal election they vet the candidates and endorse the ones they believe best support workers and the values of the labour council.  So, here’s the list they’ve produced for the 2018 elections, including mayoral and city council candidates for Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo, Regional Council candidates, and even school trustees for both the public and Catholic school systems.  Take the time to get informed before October 22nd, and get to know the candidates that the Waterloo Regional Labour Council endorses to be the voice for workers in our community.

Author: Doug Roberts

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